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FiberTechnic brand is the response for increasing demand for quality, innovative fiber solutions. Our products are pratical, carefully designed and  made with attention to detail, unlike the substitutes from China.


We offer wide range of fiber solutions made even for the most demanding customers. We excel in delivering quality solutions for most challenging fiber projects. All of that translates to absolute end customer satisfaction.


We do realise the constant development of IT, having in mind that the infomation technology infrastructure will be useless without support of local economy.  We do think that European products can hold their Grodnu against Chinese manufacturers, but that requires huge ef fort which we are not afraid to participate in. We are socially responsible, giving  jobs locally and not outsourcing any stage of manufacturing process outside EU.


 All Fibertechnic products are designed with assistance of experienced engineers and installators. They were made with one sole purpose: to solve problems encountered at installations and make the work easier. Constantly growing offer assures that Fibertechnic solutions that are suited for most scenarios.


 The one and only  FiberTechnic distributor is Cyberteam Sp. z o.o. For additional information visit www.cyberteam.pl.






Nowak Technologie Sp. z o.o.


Kalinowice 157

22-400 Zamość, POLAND


E-mail: info@fibertechnic.com



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